Edible insects

TriCycle produces edible insects using organic materials from other agri-food productions in the Montreal region. This innovative solution tackles food waste by creating a real urban eco-system and makes it possible to offer a new food high in nutrients!


From insect farms, frass is made up of insect droppings, their moults and a few residues from their diet. This is a nutrient-dense soil amendment that promotes plant growth!


TriCycle offers a range of mealworm rearing equipment to meet the needs of mealworm breeders. We have selected this equipment based on our experience in order to increase your productivity and the quality of your products.

Consultation and support

TriCycle is positioned as an expert company in the development of organic materials and offers several research and development, consulting and support services, especially for those who wish to develop washing farms in local economy.

Support for starting insect farms:

  • Feasibility study
  • Estimate of production capacities
  • Estimated budgets
  • Identification of necessary equipment
  • Search for grants
  • Construction and operation specifications
  • Commissioning
  • Tracking

Support for insect breeders:

  • Good husbandry practices
  • Breeding protocol
  • Breeding techniques and optimization
  • Diversification of insect strains
  • Biosecurity
  • Equipment research and development

Circular economy using entotechnologies:

  • Search for inputs available in short circuit
  • Development of diets (laboratory analyzes, bioassays) for feeding insects in a concept of short circuits and circular economy </ li >

Marketing assistance for insect products and by-products:

  • Identification of target customers and their needs (customer surveys, social acceptability, etc.)
  • Connecting with buyers
  • Marketing of frass
    • Determination of fertilizing qualities (laboratory analyzes)
    • Bioassays (germination and growth tests on plants)
    • Connecting with buyers

R & D service related to entotechnologies:

  • Feeding insects
  • Optimization of breeding procedures
  • New applications
  • Process optimization

Management of organic residual materials

  • Support for the management of organic materials