Quebec insects and other terrestrial arthropods(book in french)


When buying the bookLes insectes du Québec et autres anthropodes terrestres

you will also receive 1 kg of Insect Frass for free (value of $ 19 + taxes), this organic soil fertilizer produced in our urban entomoculture of mealworms.


Author: Etienne Normandin (Production manager and entomologist expert at TriCycle!)

Editor: PUM

Release: June 1st

ISBN: 9782760640658


49.95 $


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With its 2,354 listed species and more than 3,300 color photos, this guide is the reference for the identification of insects and other arthropods in northeastern North America and Quebec. The most complete to date, and taking into account the most recent research, it contains all the information necessary for those who want to familiarize themselves with entomology – or even improve their knowledge: quick tool for identifying the order, thematic tool, capture techniques, in addition to a directory of identification keys and references.

Most of the book is devoted to photo boards, which is a wonderful introduction to entomology. The author, a passionate specialist in the subject [et en l’occurence directeur de production et expert entomologiste chez TriCycle], brilliantly popularizes the theoretical material. In addition, the biological notes allow the reader to better understand the behaviors and the peculiarities of the many species discussed in this work.

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