Soil fertilizer.

Promotes plant growth and is mainly composed of droppings and insect molts (mealworms).


3-4-2 (N-P-K)

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Produced in Montreal by TriCycle Inc.


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What is that?

It is a nutrient-dense soil amendment that promotes plant growth. From insect farms, frass is made up of their droppings, their moults and a few residues from their diet. The mealworm frass is grainy and dry. It can be stored in a cool but not humid environment, in its original packaging.


How is frass used for fertilizing plants?

Frass is a soil amendment. It can be mixed with the soil surface at a rate of 0.64 kg / m2 or about 1 tablespoon per 3 cups of soil. You can also mix 4 teaspoons of frass in 1L of water, with a drop of dish soap to help dissolve. The resulting liquid can then be used to water the plants.


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