You want to become

an urban farmer

micro-livestock breeder?

Raising insects at home is a fun way to learn about their life cycle while producing nutritious food for your family. The small larvae will be ready to harvest after a few weeks. This is an activity that will be of interest to young and old.


Mealworms are easy-to-keep insects well known to enthusiasts of entomophagy.

When grilled, the larvae taste is reminiscent to that of hazelnuts and they contain 60% protein.

If you continue the experiment until the metamorphosis you will discover alien-looking nymphs who will then turn into beautiful black beetles. In fact, mealworms have a complete metamorphosis, like the caterpillar which becomes a chrysalis then a butterfly.

What does it take?

This set is the perfect basic kit for starting your own mealworm farm at home.

Whether you have a large space or not, it was designed to be easy to store and maintain.

Learn about food autonomy!

More and more Quebecers are adopting gardening because they dream of producing their own food.

Why not also try ecological breeding at home?

Thanks to the astonishing reproductive potential of insects, your small breeding kit will produce nearly 250g of mealworms to process and include in your weekly menu!

Make the circular economy!

Do you hate waste? You will love your breeding kit ...

Mealworms can be offered all kinds of grain product residue that collects in the back of your cupboards. Instead of sending your fruit and vegetable peels and cores for composting, you could turn them into healthy foods in your own kitchen.

And the manure of mealworms will make your garden bloom!

This is a unique opportunity to better understand how we can transform our cities into productive ecosystems, thanks to the circular economy.

What will I find in the box?

- About 2,500 larvae
- A transparent recyclable pot with a ventilated lid allowing the larvae to breathe
- 50 g of wheat bran, a residue from the milling of our partners Boulangerie Jarry
- An explanatory booklet to start breeding

Ready to launch your

House breeding


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