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Internship offer TriCycle Inc.

TriCycle, an innovative insect breeding company in a circular economy, is looking for interns for the fall 2019 session.

Our vision

Building sustainable and resilient cities that function as true ecosystems, in which healthy and nutritious food is produced while fighting food waste and climate change.

Our project
  • Carry out research on the fight against food waste and entotechnologies with a view to developing circular recovery processes adaptable to various contexts.

  • Design a technological showcase demonstrating the viability of a new process for the enhancement of local food residues using insects in medium-scale urban farming.

  • Produce high quality food with a low environmental impact and generate a by-product beneficial to vegetable crops, while fighting against climate change.

Our mission
  • Giving food a third life by reintroducing it into the food chain rather than composting it, thus reducing GHG emissions.

  • Become an R&D hub on entotechnologies focused on mealworms, collaborating closely with other research groups such as the one on black soldier flies located at Laval University.

  • Raise awareness of the role of edible insects in the circular economy and encourage technological transfers adapted to the realities of different organizations, businesses and localities.

Description of internships

TriCycle is a co-founder member and located in the first cooperative of urban agricultural producers in Quebec. La Centrale Agricole is located near Marché Central and adjoins the greenhouses of Lufa farms in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville district.

The trainees will be welcomed at the farm and at the TriCycle laboratory to carry out their internship activities.

The duration of the internship varies according to the training requirements of the interns, but must represent at least one working day per week in the premises of TriCycle.

Internships are non-remunerated. We encourage interns to apply for funding opportunities for their internship and we are committed to facilitating such measures.

Half of the internship will be devoted to learning and operating mealworm farms. The trainee will have the opportunity to learn each of the stages of insect production, including the preparation of their diets composed of organic residues, the feeding of fattening larvae, harvesting by sieving and the coordination of reproduction activities. . Biosecurity training will be offered at the start of the internship. Other learning opportunities related to the life cycle of insects, management of organic waste and plant fertilization may materialize depending on the interests of the trainees.

The other half of the internship will be devoted to the completion of a research project defined according to the personal interests of the interns, the priority strategic orientations of TriCycle and consultation with the intern’s academic supervision team. The internships will be the subject of a report or a thesis which can be evaluated by the intern’s academic team and the supervisor appointed at TriCycle. The proposed theme is:

Market research. This project involves an analysis of the Canadian market, a characterization of local markets as well as an assessment of the particular preferences of consumers for insect products. Case studies will be carried out in particular from insect products available on the market. Acceptability tests will also be carried out with consumers. Exploring the reactions of consumers of insect-based products ranging from ready-to-eat to ready-to-cook will allow us to better understand the issues surrounding the incorporation of these products into Quebec’s food corpus on a recurring basis. The intern will also participate in a review of socio-demographic data obtained during surveys carried out by the TriCycle team in order to characterize the target clientele and niche markets in Quebec. The ideal candidate should have basic marketing training. He / She will work under the supervision of the Director of Marketing and Commercialization, Guillaume D. Renaud.

How to apply

To apply, please send an email to [email protected] including your CV and an introductory paragraph.

Please title this email: “Market research internship”.

We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible.

Thank you and with pleasure,

The TriCycle team

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