TriCycle offers a range of mealworm rearing and processing equipment to meet your needs. We have selected this equipment based on our experience in order to increase your productivity and the quality of your products.

With our partners, we offer you products that meet your needs at reasonable costs.

Sieve for harvesting larvae (coming soon)

Breeding bins for mealworms

Breeding bins for BSF (coming soon)

Adult separators (coming soon)

Feeding robot (coming soon)

For breeding:


Breeding bins
for mealworms

Beekenkamp has developed a new breeding bins for insects for the production of animal protein. It was designed to allow automated and manual feeding.

If you are interested in this insect breeding bin or if you are looking for a unique breeding container, specific to your insects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the transformation:



Microwave dehydration achieves high temperatures in a short time to destroy bacteria while reducing the time food is exposed to high temperatures which can degrade these nutrient properties.