Breeding bins for mealworms

Photos: Beekenkamp


Sieve for harvesting larvae (coming soon)

Breeding bins for mealworms

Breeding bins for BSF (coming soon)

Adult separators (coming soon)

Feeding robot (coming soon)


Beekenkamp has developed a new breeding bins for insects for the production of animal protein. It was designed to allow automated and manual feeding.

In addition, the walls of the boxes are perfectly smooth and have a minimum number of edges and ridges, to prevent the adhesion of larvae to the surface. The bins are ideally suited for automation systems, such as stackers, unstackers and washers and can be stacked on pallets for easy handling. Due to its standard dimensions and smooth walls, the container is perfect for small, medium and large production.
The bins are made of food grade polypropylene. The use of PP guarantees excellent resistance of the trays which can be cleaned at high temperatures.
Beekenkamp has opted for a light blue bin, in order to prepare for a possible machine vision technique. Machine vision systems make it possible to give "eyes" to machines, such as robots, which allow them to recognize their environment. The robots can thus detect the positioning of products, pick them up and move them. The blue color guarantees better contrast, which makes it easier to apply any machine vision techniques.

If you are interested in this insect breeding bin or if you are looking for a unique breeding container, specific to your insects, please do not hesitate to contact us. TriCycle and Beekenkamp can help you design and make new products in a short period of time.

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