Edible insects

TriCycle produces edible insects using by-products from the agri-food sector in the Montreal region.

This innovative solution tackles food waste by creating a real urban ecosystem and makes it possible to offer a new food rich in nutrients!

In addition, our edible insects are very high in protein!

Whole dried or powdered, they taste the roasted nut and go well in vinaigrette, in a muffin, in a smoothie or even as a snack!

Our food is:

(no lies, no green washing)


  • Rich in prebiotic fiber
  • Rich in digestible protein (9 complete amino acids)
  • Rich in vitamin B12
  • Rich in good fats (Omega 3 and 6)
  • Rich in zinc, iron and minerals



  • Hormone-free
  • GMO-free
  • Chemicals-free

  • Made in Quebec (Canada), in circular economy
  • Reduces GHG emissions (compared to meat)
  • In truly recyclable packaging (HDPE #2)

Mealworm powder

The protein of the future present!

Give a boost to your breads, smoothies, pastries…

Dried mealworms

crunchy and no added taste!

In yogurt, in a vegetable stir-fry, on a salad or simply as an aperitif :)

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