Consultation and support

TriCycle is positioned as an expert company in the valuation of organic materials as well as entotechnologies and offers several R&D, consulting and support services, particularly for those who wish to develop livestock farms in an economy of proximity.

The use of our services could therefore be financed!

TriCycle is one of the experts in eco-responsible business practices and clean technologies listed in the Fonds Écoleader directory.
As such, our services
could be funded as part of a project submitted to the financing program of the Fonds directory.

Some consulting services benefit from financial assistance offered through the Agriconseil networks through the 2018-2023 Advisory Services Program, under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Support for the start-up of an insect farm

  • Feasibility study
  • Production capacities estimates
  • Budget estimate
  • Identification of necessary equipment
  • Search for grants
  • Construction and operating estimate
  • Commissioning
  • Follow-up

Support for insect breeders

  • Good husbandry practices
  • Breeding protocol
  • Breeding techniques and optimization
  • Diversification of insect strains
  • Biosecurity
  • Equipment research and development

Consultation in circular economy using entotechnologies

  • Search for inputs available in short circuit
  • Development of diets (laboratory analyses, bioassays) for insect feeding in a concept of short circuits and circular economy

Assistance in the marketing of insect products and by-products

  • Identification of target customers and their needs (customer surveys, social acceptability, etc.)
  • Contact with buyers
  • Marketing of frass
    • Determination of fertilizing qualities (laboratory analyses)
    • Bioassays (germination and growth tests on plants)
    • Contact with buyers

R&D service related to entotechnologies

  • Insect feeding
  • Optimization of farming processes
  • Novel applications
  • Fertilizing value of frass

Consulting in organic waste management

  • Support for the management of organic matter

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