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In Canada, nearly 60% of food is wasted and our waste generates 4.6% of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

The solutions currently offered, such as composting and anaerobic digestion, degrade the nutritional value of food and generate low added value by-products.

At the same time, and while global meat consumption is expected to double by 2050, raising animals for food consumption emits 6.3% of GHGs. Especially since the production of their feed pollutes the water, impoverishes the soil and degrades the ecosystems.

Insects represent a sustainable source of protein for both human and animal consumption, which can be used in particular in the composition of feed for poultry and fish.

It is possible to breed insects from certain types of traceable food residues. Insects also convert food into body mass much more efficiently than most other farm animals, while emitting less GHGs.

In addition, insect droppings have fertilizing properties that can help optimize growth and stimulate the immune system of plants.

TriCycle is therefore born of this opportunity: Fighting food waste with the help of entotechnologies!

The Team

We are a growing team of experts in entotechnology, waste management and sustainable development.

Co-founder and Director of R&D and Innovation

Co-Founder and Director of Operations and Technology

Co-founder and Director of Communications and Marketing

Co-founder and Director of Production and Expert Entomologist

Shareholder and Finance Manager

Project Manager | Administration and Marketing

Project manager | R&D and Quality control

Supervisor | Production

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