against food waste


against food waste


is a Montreal-based edible insect farm.


In order to fight against food waste, we feed our insects with by-products from the local agri-food sector.


We produce an innovative food – mealworms – high in protein and vitamins, which is good to taste, good for you and for our planet.


We are closing the loop of circular economy by using the manure of our insects as organic fertilizer to nourish the earth!

Our products

edible insects and organic fertilizer

Distributors, retailers and individuals

Whether for our edibles or our organic fertilizer:
We offer packaged formats, large formats or in bulk. Write to us for a quote.

Let's innovate together

and define a sustainable food model

We offer consulting and R&D services

Our expert team in the management of residual materials and entotechnologies helps insect breeders but also producers of organic matter.

Our work

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We are a proud finalist of the Food Waste Reduction Challenge (Business Model Streams), funded through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.